Movie-in-Shadow: Your Shadow is a Display.

Yugo MINOMO, Yasuaki KAKEHI, Makoto IIDA, and Takeshi NAEMURA

Harashima and Naemura Lab., The Univ of Tokyo.



Your shadow on a white floor is transformed into a colorful display!!

You may believe that your shadow is just a black or dark region on the floor; however one of the authors proposed an attractive system named ``Textured Shadow,'' which can defy such a common thought. ``Movie-in-Shadow" extends this prior work to transform shadows into a more versatile display.

Movie-in-Shadow is based on a multi-projection system and the effect of complementary colors. Shadow emerged in the system is REAL, so no latency nor digitized artifacts can be seen. Moreover, your shadow can display movies and animations as well as static pictures.

Keywords: shadow, complementary colors, multi-projection system.


Two projectors (P1 and P2) are placed as right so that their projection areas converge onto the floor.

P1 casts some colorful image (original image), while P2 compensates it to white by casting the complementary color (complementary image). Consequently, the floor seems to be just lighted up in white.

When you enter the system and occlude the projector's light, your shadow would emerge with colorful contents.


(Under Construction.)


Long Version [34.6MB, 720x480, 2m50s, including an explanation of the mechanism]
Short Version [10.1MB, 720x480, 0m49s]

(Copyright 2004 by ACM, Inc.)

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