Real-Time All-in-Focus Video-Based Rendering Using a Network Camera Array

Yuichi Taguchi    Keita Takahashi    Takeshi Naemura
The University of Tokyo
Our camera array system Output synthesized images and depth maps
Our camera array system
Output synthesized images and depth maps, calculated
at various viewpoints using the same input frames.


We present a real-time video-based rendering system using a network camera array. Our system consists of 64 commodity network cameras that are connected to a single PC through a Gigabit Ethernet. To render a high-quality novel view, we estimate a view-dependent per-pixel depth map in real-time by using a layered representation. The rendering algorithm is fully implemented on a GPU, which allows our system to efficiently use CPU and GPU independently and in parallel. Using QVGA input video resolution, our system renders a free-viewpoint video at up to 30 fps depending on the output video resolution and the number of depth layers. Experimental results show high-quality images synthesized from various scenes.

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Output free-viewpoint videos

Comparison of depth maps with or without temporal depth smoothing

Comparison of free-viewpoint videos with or without temporal depth smoothing

The videos rendered at a fixed viewpoint show the effect of the temporal depth smoothing more clearly, while the videos rendered at a moving viewpoint confirm that the temporal smoothing can be used even when the rendering viewpoint smoothly moves.