mixed reality, optical system, floating image, digital museum

MRsionCase (em-er-sionCase), named from Mixed Reality + emerSion of images + showCase, is a showcase which can present virtual images onto the exhibit to multiple directions. In this project, I tried to have a full control in positioning the visual images to enhance geometrical consistency with physical objects. Examining various optical devices, I can freely handle the visual information by placing floating images precisely where they are supposed to be. It will be very helpful for spatial representation of visual information in TUI applications.



What happens if I can handle visual images in space with full of freedom? It enables the perfect coexistence of visual images and physical objects without discordance. And finally, it will bring the seamless connection among information and objects. My strong vision for fluent communication between virtual and physical information motivated me to make an exhibition system which can present visual information precisely onto physical objects.

System Design

Reviewing the former study, ExFloasion, I found some limitations; it had only one viewable direction, the front. To allow more people to enjoy the exhibit from all directions, I designed a new optical system consisting of beam splitters, or half-silvered mirrors, and glass panels. Displays, iPads, which are placed in the top and the bottom of the beam splitters, show images as the source of floating images. A beam splitter can create floating images by reflecting images at the top and bottom to the front and rear, respectively. For each direction, a unique set of images is shown in multiple layers in space.


A clay doll is exhibited in the MRsionCase, with the relevant information shown around. Visual information is provided in four directions by multi-layered spatial images, in three languages, English, Japanese, and Korean. Visitors can look at the exhibit from all directions with moving around the showcase. They sometimes get surprised and smile after finding their family or friend's face seen through the showcase. Unexpectedly and also interestingly, it is a good starting point for communication among visitors.