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What is Lumisight Table??
Lumisight Table is a novel interactive table display that can display information in each required direction on a shared screen and capture multiple users' gestures simultaneously.

Technical Innovations
Lumisight Table offers four core technical innovations:

1. Optical design of a special screen system composed of a building material called Lumisty film and a Fresnel lens. The system combines these films and lenses with projectors and cameras to display four different images, one for each user's view.

2. A software approach to adjusts four projector images geometrically on the screen. With this method, four projectors can project identical portions of images onto identical positions on the screen.

3. A method for mixed and integrated display of public and private information on the screen. The identical portions of images can be regarded as public to all the users, while the other portions, private to each user.

4. A method for capturing the appearance of the tabletop from inside the system.

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